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Construction to retail, farmers to charity workers, start-ups to major corporates.
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How Does It Work?

1. Choose the solution you need ​from our App Family

2. Populate your app

Use our CMS ‘Content Express’ to deliver:
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Up-to-date Content
  • Images

3. Click ‘Update’…and that’s it!

Your content has been populated on your app ready for your workforce.

Welcome to Houndation

Mostly your business runs smoothly and worry-free. Your employees in the field finish their tasks, sales are going only upwards, and you lead in the run with your competition. But how are your employees really doing? You cannot keep track of every single person representing your company at all times. Of their wellness, their safety, their compliance. All you have to track this, is the hope and belief that they will follow the guidelines that you have provided them.
Then something in the field happens. A mistake. A lapse of protocol. An unforeseen challenge. Then you create more content, more controls, more safety measures around this. And then you hope that they follow them. Until something else happens. How can you ensure the right people are getting the right information that they need at the right time, stop this vicious cycle, and really know what your employees are doing, feeling and that they are truly being supported? This is where Houndation comes in to play.

Our platform is:

Easy to use

You don’t need a degree to use our solutions! They have been made with the user in mind.

Rapidly Deployed

Just one click of a button, and your content is updated.

Flexible Across Industries

From construction to oil & gas, tech companies to hospitals. We help you care.