Process Compliance is an app that is designed to ensure your processes are followed – to the letter.

Process compliance has been designed to promote all aspects of best practice at work, with an emphasis upon giving employees clarity about the standards they should be working to and the processes they should follow.

Part of the functionality of the app checks and validates that processes have been followed by using biometric tools to ensure that the employee has positively acknowledged their understanding of the processes they are being asked to follow.

Helen’s story:

“Things change on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. We cannot expect everyone to remember every process. Using this tool allows me to know that my team know the right steps to take in all situations.
It’s easy enough for me to implement, I don’t need a lot of time to change a process. I can also see when processes aren’t working and can make decisions in order to correct them.”
Helen, Head of Facilities
Construction Corp

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