Staff Wellbeing

Staff Wellbeing is an app that is designed to encourage wellness at work.

In six carefully crafted sections it addresses topics such as mental health, social connection, self-care, financial wellness, giving back and personal improvement. You need to ensure your employees are healthy and well enough to work, and to have the resources they need when they need it.

Roger’s story

“I’m feeling overwhelmed at work. I have some family things going on at home and I normally separate work from my home life, but I am finding it hard to concentrate.

I know the company has some resources on our intranet but I don’t have time to get on the laptop and filter through the information.”

Roger, Construction Manager

Construction Corp

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‘Health and Wellness’ from Houndation allows you to get the specific information to your employees into the palm of their hands.
On any device at any time.

Our solutions don’t just allow you to get the right information to your place at the right time.
You can:

Post Videos

Introduce Employees

Show Images

Present Links to more information

You already have invested time and money in providing your employees with right information.
Why not get it to them.


Consentricare held our hand through the building of the content process, giving us handy tips and templates to populate with our words and links to benefits. We had an idea of the structure and look we wanted and they advised how this could be met. Their approach was one of really listening to our needs…

Pippa Savory, Head of People Overbury and Morgan Lovell